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7 Ways To Spot Potential Breakout Stocks

break out stock

So, if you can get in on the ground floor of a breakout, there’s a lot of potential for profit. False breakouts can result in a sharp trend reversal as too many longs stepped “all-in” with conviction only to get trapped. The difference between a breakout and a wiggle or headfake is that the breakout sustains its price above the prior resistance level. Usually a breakout will re-test the resistance on a pullback for confirmation. If the price manages to stabilize above the prior resistance, then it becomes a new support level.

break out stock

The RSI and MACD indicator are also showing positive signals during the breakout day. To trade stocks under $1, your stop loss must be a little wider than usual because a 10 cents move could mean a 15% gain or loss. Beginners should stay away from stocks under $5 because it requires discipline when the trade is not working out. Consolidation is characterized as “flat” trading, where prices are contained within an established trading range on relatively light volume. The trading range tends to have a defined support and resistance level that can be identified with various chart indicators including trendlines and moving averages. While consolidations imply a lack of interest, it can be thought of as the calm before the storm with one side (buyers or sellers) playing possum.


If it moves past its support level, it may be about to go on a bear run. This is why we look for volume that is a percentage of the usual amount, rather than requiring a specific number of additional shares traded. In scans, we usually define “heavy volume” as a multiple of the average amount of volume. Catalysts are recent developments that could drive stock prices upward.

  • A moving average can also indicate where a stock has support or resistance.
  • Those indicators suggest that they are doing well financially, and these companies tend to be more likely to break out.
  • If the consolidation goes on for too long, the chances of a step higher diminish.
  • If you’re interested in holding breakout stocks for several weeks or longer, then looking for breakouts from a 200-day moving average or 52-week high make the most sense for you.
  • In the 1980s, human grandmasters regularly beat computers designed to play chess.

A cup and handle pattern​ is a common chart pattern formation for both individual stocks and stock indices​. It occurs when the price falls from a high point but then gradually recovers to that level. It does not need to be an all-time high, it can be a 52-week high or any other high point that looks significant on the chart. However, the reason this strategy is so popular is that when breakout stocks are identified correctly, investors have the opportunity for outsized returns. A moving average can also indicate where a stock has support or resistance. For example, when a stock cannot seem to cross above a moving average, the stock is said to be at a resistance point.

Bollinger Band breakout stocks

This happens more often when the volume is low on the breakout day. The proliferation of trading software and charting tools that are available to the retail investor is exciting. But it can also lead to “analysis paralysis.” As with many things in life, when it comes to identifying breakout stocks, the KISS theory (I.e. Keep it Simple Stupid) is good to remember. Cup and handle breakout stocks – One of the most common stock chart patterns that indicates a breakout is about to occur is the formation of a cup and handle pattern. A cup is formed when a price falls from a high point but then gradually retakes the high. This occurs as the price swings get smaller as the price begins to reach the previous high.

Here are seven ways to identify and profit from potential breakout stocks. The examples above look at buying a stock when it breaks out above a specified level. There are also potential trades when the price drops below a support level. The concepts for a short trade are the same as discussed prior, except everything is flipped upside down. A moving average (MA) is an indicator used by investors, to get a clearer picture of a trend in price movement. The moving average calculates price movement over a given period.

Step 3: Scan

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This flurry of activity will often cause volume to rise, which shows lots of traders were interested in the breakout level. If there is little volume on the breakout, the level may not have been significant to a lot of traders, or not enough traders felt convicted to place a trade near the level yet. In the case of an upside breakout, if it fails the price will fall back below resistance. In the case of a downside breakout, often called a breakdown, if it fails the price will rally back above the support level it broke below.

Breakout Stocks

Note that the same 20-period timeframe is used for all three indicators to ensure that we’re measuring across a consistent timeframe. Using min/max functions improves your consolidation scans by accounting for any fluctuations that may have happened during the time period. With analysts expecting Pinterest to grow revenue 8% in 2023 and 14% in 2024, growth stock investors should keep Pinterest in mind. In light of this reality, the companies that design and make the semiconductors that “bring AI to life” stand to make enormous profits — and one of those companies is AMD.

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At any rate, the company continues to show that its model can be effective. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Pinterest’s average revenue per user (ARPU) for its American and Canadian users increased to $7.60, up from $7.17 a year earlier. That’s important, because Pinterest’s North American user base is its most profitable audience.

We qualify breakout stocks when today’s price has crossed above the latest 5-day trading range by at least one standard deviation. Standard deviation is a measurement of volatility and price movement. Anyone who deals in stock trades should keep an eye on market trends, and breakout stock traders are no exception. By keeping an eye on market trends, you can identify sectors that may experience growth in the near future. Pay attention to areas where demand is increasing, and where there is room for new players to enter the market. A stock that surpasses its support or resistance level is considered a breakout stock.

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